Real Advice for the Journey of Life and Love

Ready to step into a better and brighter life? I’ll show you how.

Painful Breakup or Divorce?
Don’t just go through it,
GROW through it.

Divorce Sucks

Let’s not sugar-coat this thing for one single second- Divorce sucks. Painful breakups suck. There’s nothing worse than finding a love you really believed could last, and then discovering it simply can’t. And it affects literally every area of your life.

Your performance at work, your health and wellness, your ongoing relationships with friends and family, basically every other way you show up in everyday life. The loneliness, confusion, doubt, anxiety can feel overwhelming.

Think This Is Bad?

You know what’s worse? Having no real idea what to do next- and more importantly, what NOT to do next. I’ve seen so many people not get the guidance they need, and then turn a bad situation into a full-blown nightmare.

And I’m talking about the type of poor life choices that reverberate for YEARS, maybe even a lifetime. I don’t say any of this to scare you. Nope, you’ve seen it yourself. In friends, family, coworkers, and celebrities.

And these are good people. But they’re in the fight of their life. It’s a type of deep emotional pain they’ve never seen before, and since they’ve never seen anything like this, they basically wing it.
Trust me, this ain’t a time to wing anything. You need a plan.

A Life-Changing Journey

Hi, I’m Scott Milnes, Relationship and Communication Coach, and Founder of The Great Relationship Academy, and I’ve dedicated my life to helping people find, grow, and keep real and lasting love. 

I’m here to bring clarity to this chaos and give you the needed tools to not just go through this divorce, but actually GROW through it.

After teaching on emotional recovery for 13 years, and even leading one of the largest divorce recovery programs in the U.S. I know what works and what doesn’t. All told, I’ve helped hundreds of women and men just like you heal their hearts and step into a bigger, better, and brighter life.

The Map, The Tools, The Plan

The time to have the map is before you enter the woods. The second best time? When you bump into the park ranger and he hands you one. Good news- you just found your ranger! Inside the program, you’ll find a proven step-by-step plan, ongoing support and accountability, and the priceless gift of being able to get real-time answers to your questions.

The Time Is Now

Sound like you? Ready to take back your life and reclaim your joy? Take a deep breath, you’re in the right place. I’ve been there big-time, I get it, and I feel your pain. recover, catch your breath, get your footing, and get on a good path.
Get the blueprint for success, and give yourself the gift of the structure and accountability to stay the course.

Flip The Script

You know what’s fun? Taking this tragedy and flipping it into the best thing that ever happened to you.

Believe me, if you handle this chapter of life the right way, you can and will turn this heartbreak into a catalyst for tremendous personal growth! Get ready to say “how ya like me now?”

A Fork In The Road

You’ve got a couple choices. One is to keep trying to figure out this whole divorce thing on your own. Spoiler alert- you really don’t have that kind of time. The other is to partner with someone who’s been there and back, someone who knows the terrain and sees the obstacles before you do. Someone who can offer encouragement, support and guidance when you need it the most.

Please, don’t miss out on the tremendous growth opportunity right before you. There is power in your pain, and purpose in this season of life.

You Can Do It Too, and I’ll Show You How. So Take a Deep Breath. Let’s Walk Through This Together.